Today I'm working in Sean "Love" Combs closet. For me its always a bitter sweet moment when I'm revamping my closet. I really have a hard time at home with this task. It's always so hard for me to part with my clothing. I love all the beautiful fabrics in my closet. That sometimes it's hard for me to get rid of them. But you have to make space for new cool pieces. I can never let go of staple pieces that I know are always in style. Like the top Im wearing here in the pic. You will always need a plain white button down. You can dress them up or down and wear them so many ways.  

Closet Cleaning with Martina

For Diddy I just had to create a fresh new look for his summer looks. With bright colors and cool prints it wasn't hard to make his closet look like a mens upscale boutique. I had such a great time putting the pieces together to make it look stylish and luxurious in his closet. 

Closet Cleaning with Martina

Its always good to have a certain area for each article of clothing and accessory. As you can see here all short are together by color pattern. And tops are together and tell a color story. Short sleeve tops are all in one place as well as long-sleeve tops and hoodies have a place of there own. You catch my drift or should I say drip! LOL

Martina Closet Cleaning

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