All i wanted for my bday was to have time to relax before fashion week begun. I knew that the coming week would be hectic and I’d need some time to reset and get ready for all that fashion week had to offer.


So I booked a spa day at Ciel Spa inside the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. The people here know how to treat a lady. They served us champagne right away. As we got ready for our massage we was able to chat and unwind. They gave us these comfy robes and we headed into our rooms for a heads full of relaxation. I felt I had the best masseuse. She hit ever spot that was bothering me. She even knew exactly the spots that were my most stressful ones. I was so glad that i had booked this location. It’s central to shopping and restaurants. It was also close to where fashion week was held. 


Me and the ladies really enjoyed ourself. Now it’s time for me to book a spa date for me and hubby! The spa package that we got would be ideal for couples but was really great for a day our with the the girls. Cause you know girls just want to have fun and sip champagne!! 


If your ever in the LA area stop by the SLS hotel for an experience like non other. This hotel has so much to offer. Before the pandemic the Bazzar was the place to go to have dinner and an experience. They had a restaurant inside that had a 10 course meal called the Somni. Now that place is one for the books and that will call for a new blog just about that dinner experience.